Guardian Pioneers give advice on 'where they went right'.

Collaborating with The Guardian and Rolex, Longform has created a series of portrait films: Where I Went Right. The series explores the careers of four British innovators in their respective fields. Explorer: Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Space Scientist: Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Anatomist: Alice Roberts and father of the Web, no-less, Sir Tim Berner-Lee.

The famous interviewees provide valuable insight and inspirational advice for the next generation of pioneers- "
If only we had career advisors like these at school". 
The shorts were edited and constructed to be viewed via a mobile friendly platform designed by Sennep. The mirco-site allows the films to shared in their entirety or in sub-sections. The four films directed by Yannakis Jones, can be seen in full here:
Tim Berners-Lee:
Ranulph Fiennes:
Alice Roberts:
Maggie Pocock:

ROLEX PIONEERS. Leading British innovators offer career advice. Where I Went Right. Four leading innovators give career advice.
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